When it’s time
to say goodbye

At Forest House, we understand that concerns about losing a much-loved pet increase as they reach their senior years. We therefore would like to share details of our bereavement services to support you when you feel it is the right time to say goodbye.

Forest House bereavement services

The bond we have with our pets is a special one, they become a member of our family, a companion and a friend. Over the years we share many memories with our pets, happy and sad, and they give us their unconditional love throughout their lives.

The sense of loss after saying ‘goodbye’ to a much-loved pet cannot be underestimated. The staff at Forest House Veterinary Group understand this and aim to make it as easy as possible and to support you at this time. We will guide you through the potentially difficult decisions you may need to make, whilst giving your pet the respect and dignity he or she deserves.

This information aims to help you through some of the options available but please do not hesitate to contact us to speak to a member of our team, if you have any questions or need further guidance. Also, please do not feel you ever have to make any immediate decisions about your pet. You may need time to think or to discuss things with a family member, partner or friend. You can then speak to us when you have made your decision, and we will ensure that your wishes are carried out.

Home burial

If you are considering this option, please speak to your vet for advice.

Communal cremation

This service ensures equal respect is given to all companion animals. Your pet will be cremated with others.

Individual cremation

Your pet is individually cremated, and the ashes returned to you.

Other options (available at additional cost)

Home visits and collection

Same day collection and cremation

A range of caskets, urns and keepsakes

Leads, collars and baskets

If you would like to keep your pet’s lead, collar or basket, or if you have any other requests regarding a keepsake (such as a fur clipping), please ensure the vet or nurse is aware of this.