Puppies & Kittens

Getting a new pet is an exciting time for all the family. Our aim is to help ensure new puppies and kittens have happy and healthy lives, providing you and your family with lots of pleasure, enjoyment and memories.

It is important that puppies and kittens have the right start in their new lives, with respect to their health and wellbeing, diet and management of behaviour. For each puppy or kitten that visits Forest House Veterinary Group for the first time, we offer a full health check for your peace of mind. We will also discuss general care including diet, microchipping, worming and flea treatment.

Clubs for puppies and kittens

We hold a puppy party every couple of weeks to provide important socialisation for your new pet and for clients to have a tour of our Windsor hospital. It is also a good opportunity for puppies to visit the vet without anything horrible happening to them!

We also offer puppy progress clinics which are one-to-one sessions with a nurse and enable you to ask any questions you may have regarding diet, toilet training, behaviour and neutering.

For a new cat owner, we also run a kitten club, which involves a one-to-one session with a nurse to answer any questions you may have, such as their health, wellbeing and behaviour as they mature.

At Forest House, we believe that this is such a critical period for puppies and kittens. We, therefore, offer these services completely free of charge to our clients.

Give your new pet the best care with the benefit of spreading the cost with an easy monthly direct debit and products delivered straight to your door.  Click here for more information